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Yahoo! Loves YouTube

As we already know, Google loves to include YouTube videos in the search results whenever possible it seems relevant. But something I noticed today, Yahoo! is also doing that. Here is a quick look at how Yahoo! is doing it. I want to think that Yahoo! would be sending traffic to their own properties, since […]

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Google Acquires Omnisio, Joining YouTube

The Omnisio team will be joining the YouTube team shortly. News flashed today that Omnisio has been acquired by Google. Why was Omnisio founded? “Omnisio was founded with the goal of drastically improving your online video experience,” taken directly from the about page of A little more from the YouTube blog, “It’s in this […]

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YouTube Gets Another YouSuit from Europe

YouTube is back in the hole with another law suit, but this time from a European company. From Reuters, Mediaset said a sample analysis of YouTube at June 10 found “at least 4,643 videos and clips owned by us, equivalent to more than 325 hours of transmission without having rights”. Mediaset said this was equal […]

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Linking Google Accounts and YouTube Accounts

As reported by Sam Harrelson, it appears that YouTube is offering a way to link your YouTube account and your Google Accounts together. I know, weird, it seems like Google has YouTube forever now, but it’s only been a year and a half. Google acquired YouTube back in October 2006. It’s finally time that they […]

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Google APIs

Google offers a lot of APIs to developers. So what are some of the APIs available to developers right now? Google Apps APIs Google Base Data API Blogger Data API Google Calendar Data API Google Code Search Data API Google Contacts Data API Google Health Data API Google Notebook Data API Google Spreadsheets Data API […]

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YouTube Spammers Unite!

After trying to do some legitimate research about WordPress SEO on YouTube to check out some videos that people have made. But alas, it looks like the search giant, more commonly known as Google, still hasn’t applied its huge algorithm to it’s video platform. So what makes me think that? Keyword stuffing spammers make me […]

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Turns out that finally got fed up with having to deal with all of the “free traffic” they were getting. They decided to do something about it. They moved! Their new site is This way, no one will get the brand names confused anymore. Let’s compare a few public analytics sources which gives […]

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Google Hosts Online Advertising Meetup

Earlier this week on Monday, I attended an advertising meetup that was being hosted at Google NYC. A lot of people felt it was a sales pitch for Google products, but I had other thoughts. Since I author this site, I felt it was actually informative and there were some really interesting things touched on. […]

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YouTube Gets Another YouSuit

According to,
An Indian music label has filed a suit against Google and its video sharing site YouTube after the display on YouTube of content on which the Indian company says it holds copyright.
Super Cassettes Industries is seeking a permanent injunction and damages on the dissemination and display on YouTube of the content and on Monday obtained an interim restraint order in the High Court in Delhi. That means Google, which was not represented at the proceedings, has to remove the content until the final order is decided.
“We had communicated several times to YouTube and to Google both in India and the U.S. to remove the content that infringes our copyrights,” said Amit Sibal, lawyer for Super Cassettes in a telephone interview on Wednesday.
Big surprise? Certainly not. Some companies may be slow to draw their gun, but they will certainly draw it at one point.

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Turkish Government Blocks YouTube Access

“The decision followed a complaint by a resident in the eastern city of Sivas that the site hosted videos containing insults against Turkey’s founding father Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, President Abdullah Gul, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the army, the Anatolia news agency reported.” This doesn’t come as a huge surprise to me though. With China blocking FeedBurner not too long ago, so other countries blocking Google services is becoming a “norm” from what I can see. The Register has more details on what is actually happening here.

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