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Google Translate Now Supports Farsi

The Persian culture is a huge culture that can sometimes be overlooked by the critical mass of search. Tonight, Google made the announcement that they are now supporting Persian translation, from X language into Farsi. Something to note, this new feature is in alpha, not even just beta. It’s still the very early stages of […]

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Google Translate up to 41 Languages

Google recently announced that its translation service is up to 41 languages, having most recently added Turkish, Thai, Hungarian, Estonian, Albanian, Maltese, and Galician to the list of available languages. Google Translate originally started as a Google Research project with just two languages, but now has moved into a full product offering that is widely […]

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Google Thinks Vimeo is YouTube

Here is an item of interest that popped up on the CrazyEngineers.comm forum yesterday. Google’s ever-so-handy translation tool thinks that Vimeo translates into YouTube. Competition is good, but bashing competition like this is well…actually kind of funny. It’s a very subtle move. []

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