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Google Pushes More Money to Chrome

Google is pushing full force to get Chrome adopted by the world. In a recent blog post, Google talks about how they are now running Google Chrome ads through their television advertising network on AdWords. So why is Google trying to push Chrome so far? It’s two-sided, in my opinion. Google obviously wants part of […]

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Google’s Offline Marketing

When it comes to offline marketing, Google has not done a ton of it. They have focused on word of mouth marketing and online recognition. While you may think that it would be the flip, that they would continue doing that, they are actually slowly but surely moving towards offline marketing. Google has been spending […]

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Google Hosts Online Advertising Meetup

Earlier this week on Monday, I attended an advertising meetup that was being hosted at Google NYC. A lot of people felt it was a sales pitch for Google products, but I had other thoughts. Since I author this site, I felt it was actually informative and there were some really interesting things touched on. […]

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Google Signs Deal with EchoStar to Serve Television Ads

On Tuesday April 3rd, Google signed a contract partnership with EchoStar to offer television advertising. The system will work based on the 2-way signal broadcast which the 13.1 million customers of EchoStar already have installed in their systems. Using the 2-way signal broadcast, Google will manage advertising space inventory to serve advertisements to a much more direct audience. Google plans to use software to analyze the effectiveness

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