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Google Introduces Smarter Navigation

Google Maps has had Street View for some time now. Just recently, its Street View navigation was upgraded, to what Googlers are calling “Smarter Navigation.” This enhanced navigation system will allow users to more easily navigate around in Street View. Instead of having to click on each button to move forward, you can click on […]

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Google Street View Used to Help Solve a Kidnapping Case

Google recently released an article about how Google Street View was used in a kidnapping case. The article writes that Google Street View was used in a rural area of Virginia in a case where a grandmother supposedly kidnapped her nine year old granddaughter. Officials reported that the nine year old was found safely at […]

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Google Street View Catches Porsche Prototypes in Testing

I couldn’t say it any better, so here’s a short excerpt by Alex Ricciutl at, “It used to be that automakers could test their pre-production cars on the streets and all they really had to do was avoid the car paparazzi.” View Larger Map Yet another great…well, is it great? use of Google’s street […]

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Google Maps with Streets — Privacy

Google released the new feature of Streets not too long ago. Has Google gone too far? Google has really stepped up the bar on this one. You are now able to navigate around specific areas on the actual street, not just from an outer space view. Being able to look at an actual store, an actual house, or anything for that matter. Is this going to raise some privacy concerns from the community?

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