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New Data Encryption for Google Android

Last week Patrick Townsend Security Solutions announced that they would be providing new security features for the Android OS. January 14, 2009: Olympia, WA – Patrick Townsend Security Solutions (PTSS) announced today that their new Alliance Key Manager appliance will support key retrieval from the Google Android platform. In addition to deploying Enterprise key management […]

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Google Wants to Help Make Sure You’re Secure

Google’s own Matt Cutts recently posted an article about how Google is helping you stay secure. To kick off the security enhancement efforts by Google, they are focusing on WordPress, the same software that powers this blog and the same software that I recently hosted a conference about; WordCamp NY.

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Secure Google Maps API

The Google Maps API just got a little bit more secure! Previously, when a Google Map was embedded in an encrypted web page, users would get a pop-up message saying the page included both secure and non-secure content. No one likes pop-up messages and the extra clicks they require. We heard from several companies using […]

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New Gmail Account Security

The Gmail team rolled out a new feature which will is helpful for security. It’s not a drop in the bucket that you’ll never get hacked, but this is a great tool that will let you know who is logging on to your account and from where, using which protocol. Aside from being able watch […]

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Google Said to be Adopting OpenID

Google, along with companies such as IBM and Verisign, are said to be willing to join hands with the OpenID Foundation. What is OpenID? “OpenID eliminates the need for multiple usernames across different websites, simplifying your online experience.” — This is something that has been long sought after and needed. There are, however, many […]

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