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Google to Develop its Own Router

You may or may not be aware, but Google has a very, very complex server setup. Google has dozens of data centers and thousands of servers to offset the massive load from visitors hitting everyday. The way Google has its servers setup is that they are not physical machines as we would normally think. […]

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Google Hosts Online Advertising Meetup

Earlier this week on Monday, I attended an advertising meetup that was being hosted at Google NYC. A lot of people felt it was a sales pitch for Google products, but I had other thoughts. Since I author this site, I felt it was actually informative and there were some really interesting things touched on. […]

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Rumors of Google to Buy The New York Times

John Ellis brings up the rumor (or potential rumor) of Google acquiring The New York Times. What’s in it for Google? Well, for one thing, it’s cheap. Sell off the New England properties and the real cost is $3 billion. That’s not much money to buy one of the premier brands of the information age. […]

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PageRank Knock-out Round 1

As one of my co-workers was cruising around this morning, he realized that is now a PageRank4. As I looked around, I also noticed a number of other sites that were hit. and SearchEngineJournal just to name a couple. But looking around at other similar sites, they rank just fine. Seems that this PageRank hit is really only effecting the public numbers as the search rankings still seem to be just the same as they used to be yesterday.

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Google Looks to Begin Laying Undersea Cable

“SAN FRANCISCO – Search giant Google Inc. may invest into a joint venture that lays high-speed trans-Pacific cable under the ocean, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.” The first thing that really sticks out to me is how this article describes Google. Google is no longer just a “search giant.” They are far more than a search company now and they should be treated

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Goog-Daddy in the Works? Maybe.

Google and GoDaddy (and eNom) began a partnership almost one year ago. This partnership was a move to support the up and coming Google Apps. Google badly needed a trusted company to handle all their new domain registrations through the new program.
But as we know, Google is already their own domain registrar, so why did they want to partner with other companies? Well, I feel it has to do with exactly what I talked about above, a better “face value” to their domain registration process. GoDaddy and eNom were already reputable companies in the domain industry.
So why would Google be looking at GoDaddy as a future acquisition?

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Rumors of FeedBurner and Google Love

Rumors are flying around again that Google may acquire FeedBurner. Would it be a good move? I don’t see why not. Google has yet to move into the RSS advertising world and neither Yahoo! nor Microsoft have touched it. It would be a strategically good move…but would it be too soon? Google has already been acquiring so many companies lately. Would this new acquisition be too soon for the monster Google? Valleywag has said they confirmed rumors that there are talks of an acquisition price of USD$100 million.

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Google Seeks to Acquire Simply Hired

As the rumors are flying around again, TechCrunch reports that Google is possibly looking at buying Simply Hired, a resume posting site similar to As the previous rumor chimed in true, we’ll see how this one plays out as it should prove to be true. Simply Hired recently raised $13.5 million from NewsCorp on a rumored sub-$40 million post money valuation. The company has raised a total

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Google looks at Buying DoubleClick Inc.

Internet advertising, a world that is becoming old but still relevant just became a little more relevant for everyone. DoubleClick, an industry leading competitor to dozens of other companies was recently rumored to be bought out. Some of the buyers looking at DoubleClick are Microsoft, AOL, and Google. ClickZ’s article brings up a great point. If Google did acquire DoubleClick to add to its already dominating

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Google Phone is the Real Deal

There were rumors flying around from before, but it has been confirmed by a Google executive that the secret of the Google phone is indeed a real product. The Google Phone has been a ‘pet project’ for co-founder Larry Page and he was quite distraught when the news leaked out about a possibility of the Google Phone. It makes perfect sense to me why Google would want to move into the mobile industry. Advertising, power, and market share. “Whoa, sweet new phone, who made it? — Google!” I can see it now, Google on your computer screen, Google on your phone, Google on the radio, and soon Google coming to a television near you! Google is flooding the entertainment and communication markets with a huge strategy to ‘go big or go home.’ That’s exactly what they’re doing though. Either do something right or don’t do it at all.

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