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Google APIs

Google offers a lot of APIs to developers. So what are some of the APIs available to developers right now? Google Apps APIs Google Base Data API Blogger Data API Google Calendar Data API Google Code Search Data API Google Contacts Data API Google Health Data API Google Notebook Data API Google Spreadsheets Data API […]

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Google Toolbar Enhancement

As much as I love searching with Google and finding great sites, that’s not always the case. It may be the case that I find a site through Google, but in the end I find the site I was actually looking for within the external or internal links of that site. I use the Google toolbar for Firefox among other toolbars, but I use this one frequently.

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Duly Noted. Thanks Google!

So this is probably the first post in my Notebook category, but this is worth mentioning. I was browsing around getting some sources for a thesis I’m writing and the source note-taking was getting a bit annoying. So I quickly look around on the page and sure enough, what better tool than Google Notebook to use. So what exactly is the notebook used for? Exactly what it

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