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Traditional News to the Big Screen

Google’s hope to become the one-stop-shop for everything news and entertainment with Google TV, is slowly becoming a reality. Google recently announced that they are working with various news publications such as The Huffington Post, USA Today, and The New York Times, to bring “both traditional and innovcative news sources [to] Google TV.” Why is […]

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Google’s Living Stories comes to WordPress

Google recently released “Living Stories for WordPress.” This is, I think, the first WordPress-specific plugin that Google has created — since they have their own competing software, termed Blogger. But I think this is actually a great move for Google, because so many high-profile sites use WordPress now, they really didn’t have a choice.

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Google News for the iPhone [Now Relevant]

Already in production, there is a new version of Google News that you can get via your iPhone. What is so different about this version of Google News? This version is geared to be a lot more like Google’s Blogsearch. In a way like Blogsearch lets you see how many people are talking about a […]

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Adding Google News to Your Site

The Google News team has worked with the Google Search API team to produce a new way to display Google News on your site. Right now, there are only two available sizes: 728×90 (leaderboard) and 300×250 (medium rectangle). After doing some testing with it, the “search expressions” box works quite well. You can use broad […]

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The Guardian Now Offers Full RSS Feeds

The Guardian, one of the largest newspapers in the world, recently switched its RSS feeds from partial feeds to full feeds. Google’s Brian Shih thinks this is “great news” for The Guardian to be making the switch in “making more content available in more places…” Spammers, you may now celebrate. In this instance, let’s term […]

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Google News: Tips for Successful Crawling

This article is coming directly from Google’s Help for Publishers: Tips for Successful Crawling, but I’m adding some emphasis on the points I think people often overlook. Tips for Successful Crawling Below are listed common crawling issues related to the article body that Googlebot extracts from the HTML page. You can also find some tips […]

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Google News as a Facebook Application

Facebook Applications have been the latest craze on the Internet due to the amount of potential these apps have. Facebook has taken social media to the next level and set the bar very high. MySpace is trying to catch up, but that’s neither here nor there.
Google has been very slow to create their own Facebook Application, but the time has finally come. Google has presented the Google News Facebook Application.

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How it Works: Google News Comments

Google News has a recently implemented feature which has been too widely used yet, but is slowly making progress. Google News with Comments. This comment is by someone from the government, “Comment by Vito J. Fossella (R-NY13), Member of Congress – Sep 10, 2007. This bill will address several key areas to help our heroes who are sick today as well as anyone who falls ill in

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Why Google News Should Drop Paid Subscription Feeds

Recently, I’ve been trying out some new ways to stay informed of upcoming and current news. Particularly this time, I setup some new alerts for specific keywords to help me stay more informed about certain niche parts of the technology industry. It’s been working great so far.
It has indeed been working great, but I found a problem. Google News feeds from all sorts of different sites. Both paid subscription news and free news sources.

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Google News with Google Web Results

Here’s a good catch. If you enter a date (such as below) of years, such as 1999-2003, it will add news results below the web search results. Example search: “star wars 1999-2003″ Good find, thanks Ionut!

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