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YouTube Gets Another YouSuit from Europe

YouTube is back in the hole with another law suit, but this time from a European company. From Reuters, Mediaset said a sample analysis of YouTube at June 10 found “at least 4,643 videos and clips owned by us, equivalent to more than 325 hours of transmission without having rights”. Mediaset said this was equal […]

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PageRank Patent to Expire?

I have talked about the PageRank patent before on this blog, but it’s time that we bring up the discussion again. Today, news has been spreading across the web about how the patent office is changing its policies on what you are and are not allowed to patent. The Patent and Trademark Office has now […]

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Google Lawsuit Over Search Rankings

Are you ready for another win for Google? Here we go! This time around, “two real estate agents in Victoria, Australia have filed suit against Google. Mark Forytarz & Paul Castran claim defamation due to articles painting them in a negative light that can be found on the search engine.” This story sounds awefully familiar. […]

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Google Takes Heat for Potential Age Discrimination

Brian Reid is the source of this law suit that Google is being handed. “Age discrimination” is what Reid is filing for. In his lawsuit, Brian Reid alleges he was told he was not a “cultural fit” when he was being fired from his job in February 2004. He also claims that his colleagues referred […]

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YouTube Gets Another YouSuit

According to,
An Indian music label has filed a suit against Google and its video sharing site YouTube after the display on YouTube of content on which the Indian company says it holds copyright.
Super Cassettes Industries is seeking a permanent injunction and damages on the dissemination and display on YouTube of the content and on Monday obtained an interim restraint order in the High Court in Delhi. That means Google, which was not represented at the proceedings, has to remove the content until the final order is decided.
“We had communicated several times to YouTube and to Google both in India and the U.S. to remove the content that infringes our copyrights,” said Amit Sibal, lawyer for Super Cassettes in a telephone interview on Wednesday.
Big surprise? Certainly not. Some companies may be slow to draw their gun, but they will certainly draw it at one point.

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Google Getting Sued Again, Among Other Big Boys

A recent report coming from TechDirt, Google is among many of the major players in the Internet world that is getting sued over Automated E-mail Response technology. Of course though, the firm that is making the accusations and filing the lawsuit is a firm that does nothing else than buy up patents and sue companies (which doesn’t seem like that great of a business model, if you ask

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Google in the Clear with Postini

Early last month, Google announced the acquisition of Postini, an online e-mail specialty company. As normal procedure happens in the United States of America, the government needs to take speculation at the acquisition to ensure there aren’t any antitrust laws being broken. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has confirmed that the acquisition of Postini is legal and binding so there is no need for any action to be taken on the government’s behalf. Google is still in the dark about whether or not the DoubleClick acquisition will go through or not.

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Public Policy is Actually Public Policy Now

Google has officially launched a blog specifically all about Google Public Policy. With much scrutiny in the recent past, it’s a smart move that they do create this outlet for the public. We’re seeking to do public policy advocacy in a Googley way. Yes, we’re a multinational corporation that argues for our positions before officials, legislators, and opinion leaders. At the same time, we want our users to be part of the effort, to know what we’re saying and why, and to help us refine and improve our policy positions and advocacy strategies. With input and ideas from our users, we’ll surely do a better job of fighting for our common interests. Google now has the stance of being very open with their polices — just as they were before.

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Google: 1 Kinderstart: 0

As sued Google in July of 2006, they were fighting because Google set their PageRank to a zero which dramatically dropped off their search rankings. So the question and legal dilemma came up of whether it was wrongful of Google to do that to
The judges ruled. Google’s algorithm ranking with PageRank has no legal binding of public service that Google has to support. Google has the right to delist and de-PageRank any site they want to for any reason they want.
What it all comes down to is that what Google provides to the public, Google Search and the other bajillion services and products, is free of charge. There is no warranty, there is no guarantee, there is no policy saying it will last forever. What Google offers to everyone is for free use and a … well, a nice gift. Google sends thousands upon thousands of hits per day to my sites … FOR FREE!

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Let’s Get Ready to Rumble! Viacom vs. Google

The next step in the copyright infringement wars has begun. Google ( is being sued by Viacom for “massive intentional copyright infringement” for the content being hosted on Google Video and So what is the motivation behind these lawsuits from Viacom? Making money from content they do not own. That is basically what it all comes down to. Google ( is making millions, if

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