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Google to Move Out of China?

Google made the announcement this morning that they will stop censorship in China. Finally! This is huge news. That Google is not bowing down to the Chinese government’s censorship anymore, even if that means they need to withdraw from the nation. This piece of news comes to us in an odd form. It originated from […]

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Google Plays Nice with South Korea

South Korea recently passed a law that requires sites with over 100,000 unique visitors per day, to require its users to provide their full name and national ID before posting videos and comments. “We have a bias in favor of freedom of expression and are committed to openness,” said Lucinda Barlow, a spokeswoman for YouTube […]

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Google Adds International Search Functionality

Genny writes on the Google India Blog about how Google has made it easier to utilize international keywords on English keyboards to help make your search experience a lot better. Here are some quick instructions that Genny outlines in the blog post. Lets say that you have a Tamil language web site and want to […]

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Google Losing China to Microsoft

Google is indirectly losing China’s market share to Microsoft. This is happening through the Microsoft-Founder agreement announced this morning. “San Francisco (IDGNS) – Founder Technology Group, China’s second-largest PC maker, agreed to preinstall Windows Vista on laptop computers and commercial desktops, closing a loophole in an earlier deal with Microsoft that potentially exempted commercial PCs from agreements to preinstall Windows.” Google’s search engine product (which they are originally based around) is going to lose some serious market share to Microsoft’s because of the pre-installation of Windows on these new machines produced by Founder Technology Group. With taking more of the market in China — with a current population of 1,321,851,888 (as of July, 2007) — Google’s loses will be noticeable.

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