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Google Trademark Basics (Part I)

Let’s visit some of the Google Trademarks out there right now. Google has a few guidelines for trademark usage, slogans, and logos. What is a trademark? “A trademark is a word, name, symbol or device (or a combination thereof) that identifies the goods or services of a person or company and distinguishes them from the […]

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Google Does Not Equal Perfection

Call me meticulous, call me observant, even call me OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) with websites, but one thing we cannot call Google is perfect. The screenshot below is what I just found in the Webmaster Tools area. Design is one thing I am very picky about. I’m using Firefox on Mac OS X Leopard. It’s a small thing, but even the small things matter [to me].

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Search Tips 101: Results Prefetching

On some searches, Google automatically instructs your browser to start downloading the top search result before you click on it. If you click on top result, the destination page will load faster than before. This part of Google is a special feature unique to Firefox and Mozilla browsers. Here’s how it works. By default, the feature is turned on. But, if you’ve like to turn it off,

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A Lucky Chance, Firefox for the win!

Sometime last week, I can’t remember the exact day since I deleted all those e-mails from the Mozilla Grouphub e-mailing list, I received an e-mail in regards to The Rock Your Firefox team. Immediately I opened it up and climbed on-board. If you’ve been reading this blog very long, you’ll be fully aware that I’m a huge Firefox fanatic. I love to write about Firefox extensions or

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Facebook Seeks to Acquire, Not be Acquired

Loren Baker makes some great statements here about activity of Facebook lately. I can’t see where the rumor is coming from yet, but it looks to be promising.
Under the spotlight of acquisition rumor talks, Facebook has started its own agenda of purchasing Internet start-ups with the buying of Parakey, a web to desktop application company which is run by Blake Ross and Joe Hewitt, two of the founders of the Mozilla Firefox browser.
So why would Facebook consider acquiring companies instead of just being acquired? Vision.

Full Story’s Sparky Toolbar for Firefox

The team has finally released an official toolbar for Firefox. It had been quite some time for this release, but it’s finally here. Until now, Firefox users were only able to use hack plugins such as the SearchStatus extension to utilize the ranking information. Official download link: click here System Requirements Firefox 2.0 or higher Features Related Links: Find sites that are similar to the one you are currently visiting. Traffic Trend: A sparkline showing the traffic trend from the last four months. Reach Meter: A neat little indicator that shows the site’s Reach. Traffic Rank: Shows the current site’s Alexa Traffic Rank.

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OpenDNS Search Techniques

I recently started using OpenDNS again because I was unhappy with the speed of the current DNS that Time Warner was providing me here in New York. When I find something that is unacceptable, I quickly go find something that is acceptable to me. With that in mind, this does not mean I encourage the use of OpenDNS yet, I am simply giving it another shot. Previously,

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Firefox Extension Review: Adblock

Operating System: Windows XP SP2 Browser: Firefox Plugin Name: Adblock – Homepage: Adblock Homepage Click here for screenshot This extension is exactly what it says. It blocks ads. This is another Godsend from Heaven. Browsing around Facebook … and occasionally MySpace, I never see ads — or at least it’s rare. I use asterisk modifiers for all the normal advertising domains, such as domains like ‘’ or ‘http://oascentral.*.*/*’ so it blocks all oascentral advertising platforms. The plugin is very basic but does an amazing job at making web browsing cleaner and more efficient — the pages load faster because of no ads. I have installed this on quite a few of my friends’ computers as a helpful tool for them. I highly recommend it to everyone as it really helps create a better browser experience. Direct Download Link

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Google Introduces New Products into the Google Pack

Google announced today that they are releasing new applications as part of their Google Pack. So what does it come with now? Google Earth Picasa Google Photos Screensaver Google Desktop Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar Norton Security Scan Adobe Reader Spyware Doctor Starter Edition Google Talk RealPlayer Skype Google Video […]

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Enlarge Google Images with Ease

click to enlarge Here’s a nifty Greasemonkey script that lets you enlarge images when viewing Google Images without moving away from the page. If you want to use this script though, you will need to have Greasemonkey installed already in your Firefox browser. View script source

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