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Facebook not Happy with Google

As previously talked about today, Google’s Friend Connect is on the talk of the town already. Facebook is getting ready to fight back against Google, sort of. Facebook has very strict privacy policies, which is a great thing to have. However, because of these policies, Facebook is not comfortable with letting Friend Connect to use […]

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Unsuccessful Marketing on Facebook

I have noticed recently that more and more folks are adding me on Facebook simply because I’m in the industry. I won’t lie, I’ve done it too. But normally I won’t add a message to the request, I just simply add them. It’s very rare that I would do that, but I’ve done it. This, […]

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Facebook to Sell Out? Certainly Not.

In late 2006, there were some fees flying around the rumor mill of Google looking to acquire Facebook. So what has come of those rumors? Absolutely nothing. Some rumors come true, like the YouTube acquisition rumor. While others remain extinct. What would Facebook be today if Facebook had decided to sell to either potential buyer […]

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Elliott Schrage Leaves Google to Join Facebook

Effective May 14th, Google will have lost another one to Facebook. Elliott was in the Google Executive Management Group with the official title of Vice President, Global Communications & Public Affairs. Here is what Google has to say about Elliott in his bio, Elliot Schrage is a lawyer and business advisor with more than 20 […]

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Sheryl Sandberg Leaves Google to Join Facebook

In a recent report by The Wall Street Journal, Sheryl Sandberg has left Google to join Facebook. “…Google’s 38-year-old Vice President for Global Online Sales and Operations, set up and manages the unit that handles sales for about 99% of Google’s advertisers and helped spearhead other initiatives such as its philanthropic arm.” Alright, that […]

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How to Become a Social Rock Star (without knowing it)

Megan McCarthy of Wired Magazine touches on how to become a social rock star. I noticed this a few weeks back, when my friends’ profile pics started showing up with sponsored ads attached to them. A little bit like that. I noticed one for Michael Arrington that pointed to Netflix, but I didn’t think much […]

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AdSense on Facebook?

As Eric points out on, Google is trying to be sneaky and get a piece of the action here.
The AdSense team has been undercover and talking to Facebook application developers. Working with them to get AdSense to display within their applications.

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Google News as a Facebook Application

Facebook Applications have been the latest craze on the Internet due to the amount of potential these apps have. Facebook has taken social media to the next level and set the bar very high. MySpace is trying to catch up, but that’s neither here nor there.
Google has been very slow to create their own Facebook Application, but the time has finally come. Google has presented the Google News Facebook Application.

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Interactive Friends Facebook Application

I may start featuring a column here about Facebook applications that I find particularly interesting, but we’ll see.
This application review is going to focus on the recently announced Interactive Friends application.
With this application, it will let you view who your friends are and who your friends have in common with each other. There is a limit to 200 friends right now, but hopefully that will be removed later on once they get some stability issues resolved — which could happen if you have thousands of friends and it tries to load it up via the flash interface.

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Facebook Lawsuit Dismissed

Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg was immediately put in the hotspot when Facebook was accused of stealing the idea from some colleagues back in college. The NY Post writes, The allegations in ConnectU’s suit failed to properly tie Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and other managers to the alleged wrongdoing, Facebook said yesterday in a motion to dismiss the case in federal court in Boston. ConnectU’s complaint “contains

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