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Google Checkout Subscriptions

Google Checkout is finally launching the subscriptions feature, a long-sought after feature from hundreds and thousands of Checkout users — including myself. This feature announcement comes nearly three years after the initial launch of Google Checkout. The developer documents are ready to use and you can already start using this new feature. There are both […]

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FedEx Shipping Discounts Using Checkout

It’s been really quiet on the Google Checkout front for a while, but it’s time to come out from hiding and make an announcement. FedEx is offering discounted shipping rates for merchants using Google Checkout. Discounts up to 21% off. To learn more and take advantage of FedEx’s discounted shipping rates, click here to learn […]

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Credit Card Aliases for Google Checkout … to come?

I have been using Google Checkout more and more recently — with good reason — as it’s made my life easier to not have to create logins every time I want to buy something.
With the big move from Los Angeles to New York City, I’m still buying quite a bit of stuff. Furniture, office equipment, bedroom furniture, all that kind of fun stuff.
But on the side, I have been trying out the Auctions area of I recently purchased Ocean’s Twelve through Auctions using Google Checkout. But now I’m running into a small issue.

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Checkout the Analytics Integration

Merchants are able to track their Checkout orders through Google Analytics now. This was released not too long ago, but here’s a small breakdown of it. Google Analytics enables a merchant to understand how visitors interact with the merchant’s website. Google Analytics also helps the merchant to identify navigational components that promote or inhibit conversions to sales, enabling the merchant to optimize ad campaigns and website content for

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Will Google Ever Stop?

Doesn’t look like Google is going to fall short of throwing away more money. As I went to a few minutes ago, I noticed they added an image to encourage users to start using Google Checkout. Google just hopes it will pay off by giving away all this free cash to people just to try to influence the market. PayPal already owns a greater share of the market and so do other on-line payment processors like 2Checkout. Google Checkout still has a long ways to go before becoming a major player in the industry.

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eBay Adds Buyer Protection for PayPal Users

In the never-ending battle of eBay’s PayPal and Google’s Checkout, eBay seems to be stepping up to the plate again. eBay banned the use of Google’s Checkout system a while back, but they’re really trying to encourage more users to use PayPal even though Checkout is illegal to use. “PayPal is the safest way to pay on eBay,” eBay Senior Vice President Rob Chestnut said in a statement. Shares of eBay were down more than 1% at $29.44 Wednesday; Google was up more than 1% to $491.29. eBay’s efforts really don’t seem to be helping though. eBay needs to do something more drastic to stay on top — even though Google is wasting away a lot of money trying to get on top.

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Checkout for a $10 Bonus

Google is still trying to push Checkout on consumers. Let’s do a little recap of how Checkout is actually doing:
July 6th 2006: eBay bans Google Checkout
July 19th 2006: Google tries to lure AdWords Advertisers to use Checkout
August 10th 2006: Free T-Shirts for using Checkout
October 3rd 2006: Google offers free money ($10 & $30) for using Checkout
October 5th 2006: Google releases easy integration for osCommerce and Zen Cart
November 8th 2006: Free order processing for the holidays
November 21st 2006: More free cash for using Checkout
December 6th 2006: Free order processing for the whole year? Sure!
December 12th 2006: Checkout has a few hiccups…delays orders

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Google Checkout Code Reloaded

The Google Checkout sample code page has been updated, so check it out! We now provide sample code that demonstrates complete Google Checkout Level 2 integration for these 5 platforms: Windows Classic ASP (COM), .NET, PHP, Java 1.5, and Java 1.4 The sample code for each platform is managed as an open source project, licensed under the Apache 2.0 license, and hosted on Google Code’s project hosting. The Google Checkout team has released some more code samples as stated above that will help developers get on track with the Checkout system. These great code tips are going to be really helpful for people just starting to get involved with the Checkout process.

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Checkout Delays Your Order

According to Mercury News, is having some issues with Google Checkout. The New York online retailer is having an unpredicted amount of sales this holiday season due to the recent promotion being offered by Google Checkout. Google is offering $10 off any order of $30 or more (without shipping costs). Google is doing this as a huge effort to become a huge competitor to PayPal. While PayPal is primarily — in my opinion — geared towards consumers rather than larger companies, Google still feels the need to enter that market. Google Checkout is only a payment processor and does not actually store your cash (as far as I know). I’ve never sold anything using Google Checkout, only paid for things. So’s customers are experiencing delays in their orders because there are so many orders going through the Google Checkout system.

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No Checkout Fees Through 2007

As you may know, for every $1 you spend on AdWords, you can process $10 of Google Checkout sales for free. Just in time for the holidays, we’re giving you even more by processing your Google Checkout sales for free through the end of 2007! Here’s how it works: From November 8, 2006 through December 31, 2007, we’ll process your Checkout transactions for free, even if you aren’t an AdWords

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