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Google News for the iPhone [Now Relevant]

Already in production, there is a new version of Google News that you can get via your iPhone. What is so different about this version of Google News? This version is geared to be a lot more like Google’s Blogsearch. In a way like Blogsearch lets you see how many people are talking about a […]

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Google Sync to BlackBerry Services

Last week, Google Enterprise announced a native syncing system with BlackBerry. They are now offering contact syncing aside from just calendar syncing. Now, when will Google release a similar service for the popular iPhone? That’s ultimately what I’m waiting for.

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Dilbert Predicted the Future of Google Health

In march of last year, Dilbert came out with a Sunday’s comic talking about Google and health care. Essentially it was Catbert, the Evil Director of Human Resources, that switched their health care policies so that it forced all employees to use Google to diagnose their illnesses. It feels like Dilbert, well, rather Scott Adams, […]

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Rumors Fly of the Google Phone

The rumor on the mill right now is about the Google phone. So what exactly is the Google phone? Some inside sources say that the Google phone will be blackberry-like with tons of additional features. I do notice that Google has taken a strong interest in the mobile industry during the past year and this would prove to be a good reason why. On that rumor

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