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Google Supports iPhone Unlocking

I have discussed Google and Apple’s mutual love for each other already, but this one comes as, well, only a little bit of a surprise. The surprise comes in the form of an AdWords advertisement I noticed in my Gmail.

Apple has already come outrightly and stated that they will fight the unlocking and discontinue any support for those people that do unlock their iPhones. But Google is more than happy to take advertiser’s money in lieu of Apple’s position?

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Wonky AdWords Ads in Gmail

I’ve been getting some wonky ads here and there within Gmail. I know it’s a character set issue, but shouldn’t Google have this resolved? AdWords is the creme of Google’s crop…so you would think they would want it functioning 100% all the time. Odd to see these kinds of character set issues appearing.

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Bring Out Your Dead…Bring Out Your Dead Links

Old school Link spamming building is dead. You can no longer simply put up completely irrelevant links and hope you get link love for them.

As illustrated in the comic above (which is thanks to Monty Python and the Holy Grail [one of my favorite movies]), we can see how traditional old school link building is dead.
The old style of link building was “Hey! You have a PageRank 8 site, that must mean it’s [uber] trusted by all the search engines! I’ll give you $100 if you put my link there. K? thx!” That is no longer the case. Search engines have been smarter and better.
But from what I can tell, a lot of people are still stuck in the 90s and think that irrelevant linking still works. Let’s take a look at what I’m talking about.

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AdWords Editor 4.0 for Windows Released

The Google AdWords Editor for Windows has been a great tool for AdWords advertisers ever since it was created. The AdWords team has announced the release of version 4.0 of the software. New features: Mobile ads: View, add, and update your mobile ads on the new Mobile Ads tab. Campaign posting: Select and post only specific campaigns, or post all changes at once. Right-click menus: In the

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Google Advertising Invite for $1,000

Google is starting to make the long-awaited push for newspaper advertising now. The last time we saw activity of their newspaper advertising was back in November 2006. Appears they really want some activity in that industry for their advertising network. I just got this e-mail, Google AdWords Invitation from Google: Try newspaper ads and receive $1,000 in credit. Regarding AdWords Account ID: ###-###-##### Greetings, We’re excited to introduce

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Google Officially Acquires FeedBurner

As previously rumored around the mill, Google has officially announced that they are acquiring FeedBurner. Google has even posted a 45-minute phone call with FeedBurner’s CEO Dick Costolo.
So why would Google do this? As with any Google-acquisition, their goal is one-fold: expand AdWords possibilities.
Google has had a strong focus on AdWords and they have continued to build their business model around it.

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Google AdWords Launches Pay-Per-Action (Beta)

Google AdWords up until now has been purely Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Pay-Per-Thousand (CPM). The Google AdWords team has broke the news that AdWords will now allow for Cost-Per-Action (PPA). What does this mean for affiliate marketing? I used to work for Commission Junction and I feel they have by far the best platform right now in the affiliate marketing industry. Google’s tap on affiliate marketing through

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Radio Advertising Moves Forward

The Google AdWords team has been moving forward with their beta testing of Audio Ads inside Google AdWords. They are once again asking for new beta testers to continue testing the Audio Ads platform. A lot of the executives with dMarc advertising already left, so it’s going to be an interesting ride from here on out for Google’s radio advertising as they move forward with the semi-not-so-personal advertising style.

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Communication. Collaboration. No hassles.

I just received an e-mail about seminars for Google Apps to learn more about the product. I think it’s a great idea that Google is doing seminars for Google Apps, but they failed at one thing. Location, location, location. Why are they focusing all their efforts in San Francisco? It’s great that they are doing these seminars, but they need to be more geographically diverse with

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AdSense Banners Encourage Clicking

The AdWords team just released some news about click-fraud protection utilities that will be in place, but at the same time I noticed this yesterday. So why are advertisers allowed to encourage clicking on their banners? In the AdSense Terms and Service agreement for publishers, it clearly states that publishers may not encourage clicking, but no where does it actually say that advertisers cannot encourage clicking. I’ve seen this ad quite a few times on the ValueClick ad network, but it’s normally animated and very annoying. I fail to understand why AdWords advertisers would want to encourage visitors to click on their banner in such a manner if they’re not directly interested in the product. I actually visited that URL too and it comes up as a 404 ( Very odd ad in my opinion.

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