PubCon 2012 Notes

Posted by emv at 3:50pm EST on 10/23/2012

Link building

  • Disavow link tool announced at PubCon
    • Plain text file using popular modifiers (site: domain:)
      • Use site: to disavow an entire domain otherwise list full path of each URL
    • In general SEOs were leery about using the disavow tool, Google crowdsourcing quality via SEOs.
    • Post-Penguin Google update Jim Boykin suggests anchor text distribution to be at least 50% branded or generic variants.
    • Jim Boykin said with the current state of SEO it’s best to fully target the long tail 1K+ keywords sometimes but going heavily after money terms is a “recipe for disaster”.
    • One of Google’s most recent updates is targeting commercial intent link building.  Company name + generic keywords are good, just not exact match anchors unless it’s an established brand like Cheap Flights. An example of a branded variant is “As Seen on Top TV Stuff”.
    • Read patent #8046350 (commercial intent/EMD patent) and how it affects SEO.Anchor text distribution – if top 5 are all money keywords it’s extremely unnatural and will likely be penalized. If majority of your links go to homepage that’s a bad thing. Make sure that sites with very high homepage percentage vs. internal distribution gets corrected. Watch out for too many links from the same C-block. Too many links from homepages is a bad thing & sitewides.


Google Authorship

  • To get away from backlinks for rankings this is expected to be Google’s way of ranking better content
  • Those who use it will be more easily trusted. Those who don’t won’t receive the benefits
  • Over time authors will become subject matter experts on a particular subject and their relevant content will perform better than less known/authoritative authors writing about the same topic
  • Greg Boser, Aaron Wall, & Jim Boykin seemed to be the most experienced with authorship.
  • Action: Attach G+ profiles to WordPress authors so our content performs better


  • for mobile sites – Google handles better in general
  • Click to call is a huge opportunity that most mobile marketers are ignoring completely
  • Action: Review for mobile optimization

Great set of tools:

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