Attribution module coming for Google Analytics Premium

Posted by Google Inside Staff at 6:42pm EST on 10/15/2011

Google has created a new attribution modeling module for its Google Premium Analytics package. The module is in alpha now and will be coming to customers who pay the $150,000 annual pricetage for the Premium Analytics service soon. Attribution modeling has been around for years but it seems to be gaining a renewed interest as more and more companies are attempting to determine the real value of their online marketing initiatives. Google is nicely situated to become a leader in this space should they place a real emphasis on attribution related reporting. Interestingly, attribution modeling is a double edged sword for a company like Google as it entirely possible that with greater insight into a companies marketing expenses, they may actually spend less. Success and failure information per media type is gathered and attribution modeling allows a company to place a value on the media involved in a conversion or sale prior to the last click. The smarter the reporting Google provides their customers the more likely it is that they will find pockets of waste in their adwords and display campaigns. This product should be interesting and we are excited to see it as it comes to light.

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