Google Chrome vs. Internet Explorer 8

Posted by jonathan at 9:54am EST on 06/22/2009

So I’ve been writing a lot about how Internet Explorer 8 is making Microsoft look worse and worse, saying that they need to spend more time on actually making a better product.

Let’s go head to head and see how they line up.

Right-click options?

Browser Head to Head: IE 8 - Right-click Options

Browser Head to Head: Google Chrome - Right-click Options

IE8 looks a lot like Chrome, with a few other options. Which came first? Chrome did. IE8 was released in mid-March 2009 while Google Chrome launched back in September 2008. Was Microsoft being intuitive and being the first to the game? No. Again, we see that Microsoft is still playing catch-up in hopes that their second-to-market product will be successful.

Com’n Microsoft, be first with something and do it right, please.

Under the hood?

Let’s see how they match up for “advanced” options.

Browser Head to Head: Internet Explorer - Under the Hood

Browser Head to Head: Google Chrome - Under the Hood

Same ole’ options with Internet Explorer. Nothing new, nothing shiny, nothing special. Google Chrome? Oh, Google Chrome. We get all sorts of goodies! DNS pre-fetching to speed up browsing around the web, yummy anti-phishing options, and nifty suggestions for navigation errors.

Thanks Google! You’ve created an awesome browser!

Eminem said it the best, so I want to quote him on this one. Microsoft, “Go home, write some s***, make it suspenseful, And don`t come back until something dope hits you. F*** it! You can take the mic home with you!

In short, Microsoft, go back to the drawing board and don’t come back until “something dope hits you,” because that’s what you need to save Internet Explorer. I hate to be so critical, but releasing the same old thing that copies every other great browser just isn’t going to cut it anymore. You need to come up with something real, creative, unique, and something that shouts “wow, Microsoft did something awesome!”


5 Responses to “Google Chrome vs. Internet Explorer 8”

  1. Dataflurry

    Jun 22nd, 2009

    Great review. I think that Microsoft got a little too comfortable for a while since they monopolized the market for so long. Large companies need to always find new ways to improve, because being stagnant can be very costly. I am using firefox, but I would choose chrome over IE any day.

    • Jonathan Dingman

      Jun 22nd, 2009

      I use Firefox from time to time, but it just crashes too much for my liking. The plugins I use are critical, but for everyday use, it doesn’t handle very well. I should probably start fresh with a new profile to see if that helps.

  2. Jared Pillai

    Jun 24th, 2009

    I am currently using fire fox as well as IE, Fire fox for me has not given me problems so far, i have over 30 tabs opened on my FireFox browser and no probs..

  3. myrial

    Jun 25th, 2009

    IE still better for me… IE never crash…

  4. Tim Acheson

    Jul 7th, 2009

    M$ released a lot of PR about IE8 now, inlcuding a movie showing the results of their own performance benchmarking:

    Curiously, some of the assets pre-dates the IE8.0 release…

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