Looking up Phone Numbers on Google

Posted by jonathan at 2:25pm EST on 03/27/2009

I got a call today from an unknown number. I answered it and they hung up. So it intrigues me to figure out who it was.

Here comes the creepiness factor. So I “google” the number, and here is what came up.

Google Phone Numbers

Am I the only one that is slightly creeped out by how much information Google actually has access to?

In any case, if you want your number removed, visit the Google Support section to learn more about how.

6 Responses to “Looking up Phone Numbers on Google”

  1. mclord

    Mar 28th, 2009

    Big Google is watching you and every (web) move you make is recorded for ever. Google even intends to organise and control the world’s information. Scary? Yes!

  2. Evans

    Mar 29th, 2009

    This is definitely scary…

    It makes me want to see another company compete with Google so as to shave off some of these powers from it. Its a sad thought that all our information is held by some faceless company without being accountable to anyone 🙁

  3. Jonathan Dingman

    Mar 30th, 2009

    @Evans, But let’s say another company does step in and actually competes with Google. Do you really think it would give Google any less power than they already have?

  4. Jennifer Lynch

    Mar 30th, 2009

    So why was Frank calling you?

  5. Jonathan Dingman

    Mar 31st, 2009

    @jennifer, I have absolutely no idea. I don’t even know who Frank is 🙂

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