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Posted by jonathan at 12:01pm EST on 03/26/2009

Google Hosting?

Today, Google is launching Hosting Services. The primary requirement is that you’re a web hosting provider.

It looks like I was spot on with the prediction that Google services would integrate with cPanel. This announcement confirms that Google services will be leveraged at the hosting provider level giving web hosting clients even more accessibility.

Looking at the large picture, this integration is far beyond anything Microsoft or Yahoo! has even considered offering web hosting providers. Google is taking advantage of the fact that there are millions of customers on shared hosting accounts which allows providers to easily push out new features and services, such as Google Services.
Google Services for Websites
Something to note though, if you look at the very bottom of the screenshot, you will see a “Display a Google badge and generate referral fees.” Whoa whoa whoa, Google is bringing back referrals? But what appears only to be for these Hosting Services partners. Seems a little odd that it would be so limited.

Here is what Google is offering through Google Services.

Google Services

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