Google Launches the Ad Auction

Posted by jonathan at 1:56pm EST on 03/12/2009

Google has officially launched the Ad Auction.

The video below is an amazing explanation of how it works. It’s almost 10 minutes long, but well worth watching if your’e an AdWords user.

A few key elements I want to point out are the primary points of the Quality Score.

First, the largest factor of the Quality Score, is the Click Through Rate (CTR) of the ad.

The second largest factor is relevance of the keyword in the ad.

The last factor of the Quality Score is the landing page relevance.

YouTube Preview Image

2 Responses to “Google Launches the Ad Auction”

  1. Dan PPCPROZ

    Mar 13th, 2009

    Relevancy of the landing page is only a small part of the landing page formula, did you catch that? We don’t know exactly how much power this carries, but my guess is 30%.

    If that is true…

    Then landing page relevancy is really only:

    30% x 10% = 3% of the quality score?!!

    That can’t be, can it? Google prides itself on Relevancy so, how can this possibly be I ask you? I hope I’m wrong on this.

  2. SEO@Payment System

    Mar 16th, 2009

    when more advertiser has bid on higher position and they got the highest because they pay more ,careless whether it has relevancy or not I think it will poor Google rather then Rich them however I only view this video at the first 1 minute I think I need comment now from someone who already hear and see all the video content

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