Google is 6% Closer to World Domination

Posted by jonathan at 5:21pm EST on 02/24/2009

According to a recent Hitwise report, Google is up 6% from last’s last year’s Jan 2008 report. Google is sitting pretty at a solid 72.09%. Only a 0.02% increase from the previous month. But it’s still showing a steady growth.

When there’s an increase for one engine, that means a decrease for another engine. Let’s take a look at who’s actually taking a hit in search traffic.

Hitwise Search Report: January 2009

Ask is taking a huge hit as they are down to a measly 3.31% last month. Over the past year, Yahoo! took a 3% hit giving them only a 17.81% market share last month.

As far as this report shows, only Google is showing any serious growth — the rest seem to be falling.

And search folks still wonder why it’s only kosher to obey Google’s rules? It’s because they own the search market. 72% last month and the next closest falling at 17%….72% vs 17%…I will happily stop selling links to make Google happy.

That’s a lot of traffic people are missing out on by making the Google people Matt Cutts angry.

5 Responses to “Google is 6% Closer to World Domination”

  1. McMatt

    Feb 24th, 2009

    Thanks for sharing Jon – do you have any info or link to this Hitwise report?

    • Jonathan Dingman

      Feb 24th, 2009

      They haven’t announced it yet. I get press releases from Hitwise, it’s typically a few days ahead of when they announce it on their blog.

  2. McMatt

    Feb 24th, 2009

    Rock on – thank you!

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