Sponsored Links on Google Maps

Posted by jonathan at 12:57pm EST on 10/25/2008

Something I hadn’t really noticed before was that Google added sponsored links to its Google Maps product.

Sponsored Links on Google Maps

This is a great way for businesses to even more visibility and, of course, another great resource for Google to generate more revenue.

2 Responses to “Sponsored Links on Google Maps”

  1. Ari J. Greenberg

    Oct 25th, 2008

    It was only a matter of time. Makes so much sense. Are these ads on mobile yet? I’d love to recive discounts for restaurants when I’m searching on my phone.

  2. Jonathan Dingman

    Oct 25th, 2008

    I completely agree, Ari.

    I’m really surprised it’s taken them so long to actually get this into production.

    I expect Google Earth and Google Maps Mobile to be the next move.

    I would love to get discounts too, so hopefully it will be ready and available sooner than later.