Google’s Competition Beating them at their own Game

Posted by jonathan at 4:07pm EST on 10/16/2008

Google’s Gmail service has been a revolution to how web-based e-mail works. Not because of AJAX, but because how easy it is to use.

Zoho, a competitor to Gmail, announced today that they are moving out of private beta and into the public eye. Here is a little excerpt from Zoho’s website about who exactly Zoho is,

Zoho is an Office Productivity Suite from AdventNet Inc. Founded in 1996, AdventNet is headquartered in Pleasanton, CA with offices in North America, Europe and Asia. AdventNet focuses on building affordable software for businesses.

E-mail is not the only thing that Zoho offers though. Here is a current list of services offered by Zoho,

  • Zoho Mail – Web-based Email Service
  • Zoho Writer – Online Word Processor
  • Zoho Sheet – Spreadheets. Online
  • Zoho Show – Online Presentation Tool
  • Zoho Docs – Online Document Management
  • Zoho Notebook – Online Note Taker
  • Zoho Wiki – Easy to use, full-featured Wiki
  • Zoho Share – Centralized Public Repository
  • Zoho Planner – Online Organizer
  • Zoho Chat – Make Group Decisions Faster
  • Zoho CRM – On-Demand CRM Solution (3 Users Free)
  • Zoho Projects – Project Management Software (1 Project Free)
  • Zoho Creator – Online Database Application (5 Invoices Free)
  • Zoho Meeting – Web Conferencing
  • Zoho DB & Reports – Online Reporting & BI Service
  • Zoho People – HRIS & Recruitment Management
  • Zoho Business – Online Business Solutions
  • Zoho Marketplace – Apps for your Business Needs

Zoho Mail offers offline e-mail…using Google Gears! Google’s competitor is using Google’s own technology to do the same job, but possibly better than Google is doing it.

Based on this list of services offered by Zoho, it really feels like they are trying to be more than just an e-mail competitor. This looks like a very comprehensive Google competitor; Yahoo! and MSN competitor for that matter.

Looking back at what Zoho is really about, they’re dead serious about it. They really are a complete productivity suite.

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