SES San Jose 2008: Video SEO

Posted by jonathan at 6:21pm EST on 08/19/2008

I attended this session in the afternoon yesterday, so I want to highlight some of the key points which I took out of the session.

# Greg Jarboe, President & Co-founder, SEO-PR

  • YouTube accounts for 98% of all videos viewed on Google properties
  • If you are still trying to optimize for Google Video? Don’t bother.
  • 13% of traffic came from YouTube Search
  • 75% of views came from “related videos”
  • “people dont watch a video, they watch a lot of videos”
  • Bottom line: having a small percentage of traffic from YouTube Search is OKAY, anything search traffic is GOOD.
  • “customize SES video player widget for your website or blog audience”
  • “constantly updated content for these widgets”

# Chase Norlin, CEO, Pixsy Corporation

  • “how do I show up in these results?”
  • rich meta data
  • “get yourself on Youtube, of course, that’s critical”
  • push out content in a format that crawlers like to use
  • running a video search section on your site is great for generating more traffic, more ad revenue

# Steve Espinosa, Director of Product Development & Management, eLocal Listing, LLC

  • Do not use ActiveX controls
  • Export videos in SWF format
  • A/B variant testing to determine which videos gain the best response and where to place links to your video from your homepage
  • choose your thumbnails during the video creation process

# Matthew Scheybeler, CTO, blinkx

# Gregory Markel, Founder/President, Infuse Creative, LLC

  • What is video optimization?
  • whether it’s search, viral, social, or whatever it is, optimization is whatever you need to do to meet your marketing goals

This was an amazing session and it was a packed house.

I tried to clean-up the actual notes a bit, but these are my rough notes from the presentation. Notes I felt were valuable.

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