WordPress.com Shifts into High Gear

Posted by jonathan at 2:50pm EST on 07/03/2008

Automattic’s Matt Mullenweg made the announcement today that WordPress.com now has the ability to offer Google Gears integration, making the WordPress.com experience notably better.

Here is a short excerpt from Matt’s post about the new integration.

On WordPress.com it is used to store all images and other web page components from the admin area to the user’s PC, speeding up access and reducing unnecessary web traffic.

The speed increase is most noticeable when Internet is slow or on high latency and makes everybody’s blogging experience more enjoyable.

To enable this new feature, click on the “Turbo” link and follow it to Gears’ site to install it in your browser (if not already installed). Then the browser will have to be restarted and after logging back in WordPress, click the “Turbo” link again to give permission to Gears to work on WordPress.com.

After that Gears will download around 200 files and store them on your PC. It will also update them when needed automatically in the background, no other actions are required.

For one, I’m excited for this new Google Gears integration as it will both decrease the load on WordPress.com servers and speed up my browsing around the WordPress.com blogs.

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