Happy Birthday Google Gears!

Posted by jonathan at 11:52am EST on 05/28/2008

Today, MySpace is launching enhanced functionality for MySpace mail using Gears. They are using the original Gears Database API with Full Text Search to enable fast and easy search and sort capabilities. The latest build of WordPress also integrates Gears, to improve performance, and to let users manage their blogs offline. And as many of you know, the Google Docs team added offline capabilities just a few weeks ago.”

This is a huge step for MySpace to create more synergy and love with Google. Facebook needs to follow suit, and quickly, on this one.

“Finally, we want Gears to be available to everyone, regardless of platform or browser. To that end, we are currently adding Firefox 3 and Safari support. And Opera is working to support Gears on both desktop and mobile. These new platforms will nicely complement our current set: Internet Explorer and Firefox, across Windows, Mac, Linux, and even Windows Mobile.”

Google Gears will be easily accessible for platforms across the world. Google is putting forth a great effort to help offset some of the server load on popular sites to help create a better browsing experience.

I like Google Gears, I think it’s a great product. I use it for Google Reader and a number of other products already. It has a great future, I feel.

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