My Next Startup: ReadyToBeSold

Posted by jonathan at 2:48pm EST on 01/22/2008

So normally I wouldn’t write about this, but I think it’s important for everyone out there in the business world to realize something. (my opinion has a lot to do this with this article.)

Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx wrote:

I am in charge of developing an innovative mobile application, we are interested in getting acquired.

I am the lead application architect for xxxx xxxxx, an augmented reality application for Google’s Android operating system. We eventually will port this application to Windows Mobile, Iphone, and Symbian Devices. for more information on the revolutionary software.

We have been featured in Forbes, Business Week, Gizmodo and thousands of other tech related news sites.

We are looking for investors in order to speed up the development process and add more modules to the application for a better user experience.

We have several patents that are in the process of being filed.

Please feel free to contact me any time at 847-XXX-1060 for additional information.

Thank you for your time!

Kindest personal regards,

Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx

This is the e-mail I recently received. I left out pertinent information on purpose.

I’m starting to wonder, why are companies being created with the sole purpose of being acquired? My feelings are that a service or product should be created with the goal of bettering the world or some how making life easier for at least just one person.

This article is not to reflect negatively on the party that contacted me here at Google Inside, but it serves as a message I would like to get out to the world about how to and how not to do business.

Please, for the love of humanity, do not create a company, product, or service, just with the mindset of wanting to sell it.

If every {insert product/service/tool/company here} had that end goal in mind, they wouldn’t create the more innovative products and services we have today. To name a few, FeedBurner, YouTube, or Flickr.

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