How Bad is Buying Links? Amazon does it

Posted by jonathan at 8:09pm EST on 03/01/2007

Amazon Buying Links

There has been talk back and forth about how buying text link ads is bad and how it is good and how … well, basically there are mixed feelings and thoughts on the whole idea.

Amazon is a well known and well trusted company and website, so why do they buy links? They most likely buy links for the same reason other sites buy links, to gain more link popularity. Since is such a broad site and does not have a narrow focus at all, they can easily get away with buying links on any site.

But that still begs of the question of why they are buying links? They do indeed get natural linkbacks everyday, but maybe they want to target a specific project. Such as the image on the right, they are targeting the Innovage product (and no, that is not a paid link).

So you’re saying that link building to specific pages is good too? Yes, I am. Link building to exact pages is a great idea because then it’s not just specifically targeted to your homepage, but rather deep linking inside your pages so it’s even more natural. does similar things with link buying. Instead of just buying all homepage links, they buy a ton of internal links to specific pages and target keywords specifically to gain more popularity.

2 Responses to “How Bad is Buying Links? Amazon does it”

  1. Jeff Lawrence

    Mar 2nd, 2007

    I’m curious as to why Amazon needs to buy links. Even if you accept that what Yahoo shows as backlinks is not fully complete I’m looking at nearly 81 million backlinks. I guess you can never have enough, but with that much of a head start you would think that they would just go about it naturally and not buy.

  2. Jonathan

    Mar 2nd, 2007

    It’s very possible that Amazon has a unique product coming out that they want to really stay high in the SERPs for. Anything is possible, but there is no sign of it being an affiliate link and that it is actually coming from themselves.

    I also find it a bit odd, but with a game like SEO, you always need to stay ahead — no matter what.