Google Search Sucks

Posted by jonathan at 7:01am EST on 11/19/2007

Well, at least their “related:” function sucks.

This is a function that could actually be absolutely amazing and quite useful, but it’s not. Let me clarify.

I’ve often found myself wanting to find a similar product or service that one website offers, but maybe I’m not entirely happy with that solution — so I look elsewhere.

When I then go ahead and try to use, let’s say, I am expecting hoping for a list of other sites that offer free blogging. But that’s not exactly the case, please observe.

Google Search Sucks

Sure, in the above results, it returns some sites that hosted by WordPress and have some WordPress themes, but there are far more sites that are more related to WordPress than those in the top few. Even should be listed there, but I do not see it on the first page.

Even more ironic, Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress, it ranked #10 being related to

To be completely honest, I’ve seen some results using the tool return some completely irrelevant results.

There are just some seriously screwy things going on with the related: function in Google search.

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