’s Webmaster Portal

Posted by jonathan at 1:58pm EST on 11/07/2007

Microsoft’s is adding to the search engine competition with their own webmaster portal. Yahoo! has given it a try already, but is still not having much luck. Here is a quick screen shot of what the portal looks like today. Webmaster Portal

Initial reactions, it could be useful.

It’s fast. I submitted this site and within a few minutes (maybe less) the site was completely setup and working within the control panel.

Right now, it’s still not very intuitive and has a lot of work to be done.

The first tool I notice is what my strongest pages are in the index. Great, this is useful to me.

Browsing around and trying to see what else is in here, I see the “Top links from” which is a little weird. It has a “Top links to” as well, but they are a little mis-guiding.

“Top links from” is the data of all the top outbound links you have on your site. Vice-versa, “Top links to” is all the top domains linking to your site — in my case,

There is a Keywords section as well. I can’t find this very useful at the moment though, because you put in a keyword and it outputs how your pages will rank for that particular keyword in order. It doesn’t provide any actual hard numbers on where exactly your pages would rank, just in what order.

It’s a good first shot, but it still needs some major updates to actually make it useful.

It’s also great that Microsoft is finally making an attempt to let webmasters be interactive with their listings and how their websites are indexed. This kind of communication is key for the future of search engines.

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