PageRank, Link Building, SERPs, and Grandma

Posted by jonathan at 12:48pm EST on 10/08/2007

There has been a lot of chatter going on around the blogosphere seophere today about the PageRank update that is supposedly going on. There is even more chatter going on about whether or not paid links can hurt your search engine results [pages] (SERPs).

Loren touches on the PageRank update a bit and goes more in depth than SERoundTable does. Moving on from that, Aaron Wall discusses the penalties and what is theoretically going on with the “Google hits.” We also have stories, such as David Airey on his situation of being penalized, then being able to get it reversed.

Let’s follow-up with Danny’s article about how it’s “official” that selling links will indeed hurt your rankings. His earlier article on why Google should give up the fight is still raising some questions and debates.

There’s a lot of heat building up today and will most likely continue for the rest of the week next year or two, until there is a middle-ground between text link sellers/buyers and the search engines.

I also wanted to mention that I think my grandma is the coolest grandma ever. She rocks.

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