Firefox Extension Review: Tab Mix Plus

Posted by jonathan at 2:37pm EST on 11/19/2006

Operating System: Windows XP SP2
Browser: Firefox
Plugin Name: Tab Mix Plus – 0.3.5
Homepage: Tab Mix Plus

This is the first of what will be a line of Firefox Extension Reviews. Just like I have my recently started SEO tips, this will be similar.

The plugin I’m reviewing today is one of my favorite extensions for Firefox. Tab Mix Plus is the name of the plugin. What exactly does this plugin do? It does a ton of cool stuff that I like. Ok so yeah, that was a pretty lame review of it…so lets dig into it and see what it actually does for us.

Tab Control
Tab Mix Plus lets you control how windows are opened, where they open, and basically if they’re even allowed to open at all. It lets you control how javascript acts within the browser. Giving you control over if javascript can resize a window, whether a popup should open as a new tab, or just allow all popups.

Switching between tabs just became easier. I wish I could provide a whole gallery of screenshots for this plugin because it’s so cool, but I can’t — it would just take too much space on the page.

Best Feature
I’m going just point out the best feature this plugin has real quickly for you — probably the real reason you should download this plugin. Re-open a closed tab. Have you ever closed a tab and been like “oh shoot, I really wanted that and now I can’t find it!” Guess what, we’ve all been in that spot — you know what I’m talking about. So what does this plugin do? It stores those “closed tabs” into a cache and lets you control how many are cached in a certain period of time. You can then simply right-click any tab and click on the Undo Close Tab link — or cntrl + f12 — and re-open the tab. This has got to be the most important feature for me of this extension.

I can’t urge you enough to download this plugin.

Tab Mix Plus homepage
Direct download/installation link

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